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From Mom to Goddess!

Awaken your Sensuality and live a life of Purpose, Passion, & especially Pleasure! 

Personalize your journey with a few simple questions...

Intimacy & Sensuality Coaching and Mentoring

Abstract Desert

Feel sexier, younger & more alive than you've felt in a very long time

Discover deeper intimacy with yourself

Voice your desires with confidence

Reignite the passion and desire inside you


🌺Increase your total passion and enthusiasm for life

🌺Tune into your creativity and sensuality
🌺Know the true you so you can respect your needs & desires
🌺Begin your healing and release trauma from old wounds
🌺Feel good i
n your body and love yourself as you are
🌺Create trust and feel free to share and express yourself
🌺Learn a new fulfilling way of making love


❌ See your health declining 
❌ Experience an almost inexistant libido

❌ Feel completely disconnected in your love life

❌ Find yourself in the midst of a separation or divorce  

Abstract Desert

Acquire sensual embodiment, ultimate confidence, and an inner alignment

Make the rest of your life the most pleasurable and exciting

Feel the most feminine ever and empowered with confidence

You too can live an even happier and more fulfilling intimate life

Which Program is for You?

Whether you are in a relationship or single, you will achieve a whole new level of confidence and pleasure in your sexuality
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Click to know more

This 1-On-1 Program is for you if:

💗 You're not happy in your current relationship and you know you're ready for more pleasure.
💗 You want to feel more feminine and confident then you've ever felt. 
💗 You crave intimacy on a deeper level but you don't know where to start.
💗 You want to be more connected with your body.
💗 You're ready to feel the sexiest you’ve ever felt in a healthy and feminine way.
💗 You want to feel more confident and raise your self-esteem. 
💗You're ready to learn how to put yourself first without the guilt.
💗 You want to get to know your body intimately to feel confident and comfortable
💗 You want to feel and look younger and sexier.
💗 You want to transform your sensuality and sexuality using the woman's guide to pleasure

This 1-On-1 program is for you if:

💗 You have more than dabbled in personal and self is part of your life.
💗 You might have had a life awakening or been through a traumatic life event and had an epiphany.
💗 You are ready to take the time to awaken the desire and experience pleasure.
💗 You already know who you are and what you want in life.
💗 You have good self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-love.
💗 You know that pleasure is a birthright and you want to have full access to it.
💗 You are in tune with your body and the differences and want to feel the best you can.
💗 You want to feel and look younger and sexier.
💗 You want to transform your sensuality and sexuality using the woman's guide to pleasure

What Clients Say

Camille CD

I had the opportunity to meet Rachel during a workshop. I really liked her approach which spoke both of her personal experience and the “tips” and knowledge shared about the female body. A very open and interesting moment of exchange between women!

Helène L.M.

Rachel is a great coach who makes me feel comfortable. She is full of resources and knowledge that she enjoys sharing. I highly recommend to all women!

Sandra L

Rachel is exceptional: she is professional, attentive, cheerful and caring. Whatever the exchange or conversation, it becomes simple and without taboo! I recommend a session with her to move forward on your path to feminine development.

Cécile Legrand

Rachel is a remarkable coach. A quality of listening and presence combined with effectively targeted support to enable everyone to achieve their objectives and increase their power to act.

Clarice M.

I really like Rachel’s approach. She is very

attentive, very gentle, absolutely not judgmental.

She’s a great coach!

Karine F.

A great listener and caring, Rachel knows how to adapt her approach. Dynamic and always gentle, she shares her extensive knowledge and explores all facets of the subject. In a workshop or individual coaching, I recommend her.

Jori Sutton

Had an amazing experience with Rachel! She is a great listener and I felt very comfortable opening up and sharing with her. What I loved most about her tactics though, was how she guided me to come to my own conclusions and provided me with tools to reach my objectives, instead of just pushing advice on me. Really helpful experience and it was a pleasure to share with another American abroad! Thanks a lot Rachel!

Anne-Claire B.

I met Rachel through Linkedin. She has helped me going through a rough phase with a 3-month program. I now have a better work/being a mum/personal time balance, and technics to keep a high level of energy, spirit and focus. I'd recommend Rachel 200% if you're a busy professional but feel something is missing. What's best than investing on yourself?

Véronique M. T.

Thanks to her open mindedness and her international background, Rachel seemed to be the most suitable coach during a moment of great questioning in my personal and professional life. Her active listening, her gentleness, and her expertise really helped me structure my ideas, dispel my doubts and apprehensions. Progressively, Rachel succeeded in guiding me towards learning to listen to myself and feeling confident in my choices. A successful journey thanks to the mastery and benevolence of a professional who I highly recommend !

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